Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Dog!

Hey der! I knowed, I knowed. It been too many eats and sleeps sins I update you on de life and timez of Levon Elizabeth Roden.

Hmm. So... What's goin on wit me you ask? Well, nuttin much. Me and my momma been chillin a lot lately. She makesd me go in the cratez again cuz she got the carpetz clean and she don't trust me no how. But now she put the crate by the winder so I can watch the peoples that walk by.

OH. Big NEWS... there is  a new puppykin in my poartments. Ok, not MY poartment.. but the Poartment next store where the creepy dudey used to live. Now der is a PUGGLE. Levon likes puggles... I wanted to play wit he but his mama is not as nice as mine and she don't let puggle talk to levon.

I will find a way to win her heart so dat we can plays. till den, we will be star crossed puppykins.

Ok. I gotta go tinkle. Next time, we talk about the portance of litermacy. K!?