Monday, December 6, 2010

like I'm de only gurl in da worlds

Hello Peeps!
Levon Elizabeth here, It's Abvent seasons here at Grammer's house. I dunt know what dat means cept my grammer tammer has put up stinkin trees all up in my bizness and she done put out orneryments everwheres!

My mama tolded me that if I'm a good puppykin, I get prezents from the sweet baby Jesus and his daddy Santy Kloz. 

Last years, when I was a wee little puppy kin. My mama tought it wuld b funny to give Weevy a Snuggy for to wear. Jus cause I like snugging don't mean I want to wear no stinking snuggy. do. not. like. 

Diz is me and my mama (she look ruff- coot boys, plz do not look at dis pikture. I send you glammer shots later, will you be my daddy?)

oh da hoomilation
muhahaha. I eated it.

 So, Dear Sweet Baby Jesus and his Daddy, Santy Kloz,  Here is wahat I want for Crimmus:
1. For my mama to come home to me
2. Bones. Lots of em. Perforably real ones.
3.  Kibbles
4. A daddy
6. a pet rabbit.
7. KONGs
8. My verr own pair of shoes (to eated)
9. Kittehs- to chase
10.  A trip to Disney Wulrd!

Dis is my burfday gift. Dis is a mucher better gifts for Levykins.

MK. I got stuffs to chew on. Peace out howler.