Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving, terriers, poopy bags, and other tings...

So, my silly mommy decided that she wanted to live closer to the place that she calls 'the works'. I don't know what the works is cept she leaves me and puts her clicky clacky shoeses on to go to there (do not like) and she says that the works give her monies to buy me kibbles with (like!).

So, we moveded in a couple of eats and sleeps ago... the new place is what my mommy calls a "poartment". I don't know what that means either. cause I'm a dog.

It is smaller than my big house that aunt jersey lives in.. and it has lots of smells that i don't know. And the floor has carpets... Levon likes them cause they are soft and warms on my paws.

Since we are in a new place, I have to protects my mommy from all the strangers that live in the other poartments. Mostly I just bark at them and I say:

"hey, I"m levon and I live here with my mommy and if you messes with her, ur gonna be in big troubles, mister."

Mommy tells me not to be rude to the new naybors, but i gots to protect hers from dem strangers. I've got my eye on a spicious terroroer that lives down the way from us. he mighted be trouble. I will get him.

Sense I'm a city pupster now, mommy makes me wear my necklace whenever we got to the outed doors. I think she does it to keep me from attacking that spicious terroroer. But I will get him one day. You see.

She tookded me to the puppy park the other day but I didn't have the right necklaces on, so moms said we couldn't go to there. Next time she said. I'ma go back to there and I'ma make some puppy friends. Moms said its good for puppykins to get soshulized. I don't know what that means, but if moms says it is good, I beliver. cause shes my moms and she loves me good.

Ok, time to go outside on my walk.

OH... one more thing. Now that I'm a city puppykin, mom has to pick up my puppy poops in a bag. she no like. I tink it is funny.
haha, poopy puppy bags.

ta ta!