Friday, May 7, 2010

Knee High to a Grasthoppa

i been on the vacashuns for two weeks, so I been too buzy to update my blog cause I'm a dog! and I'm having so many funs. BUT, i knowed that my followeres get upset when they don't hear from levon. So, I wanted to show you sumtin special.

Me! As a pupster.

I'll post more deets bout my life this weekend.

I get to see my mama soon!

Love and Kibbles.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

on the vacashuns

**Note from Lauren- Levon is on vacation, so Grammy Tammy has been helping Le keep his journal**

So, my Mommie had to work really hard for the monies last week…so she sent me on to go visit my Grammar Tammer & Pop Pop in the country. Levon likes to visit with my Grammy and PopPop cuz then I get to see my Cuzin/Brudders, Oscar and Sadie.
My cuzin/brudders, Oscky  and I have lots of fun…we fight over all the toys until Sadie comes along and takes them away from us..cause she’s the boss. Levon is scareded of hers. do not like.

Ozzy and I like to play outside all day chasin the squirrels and birds and bugs and the worms and stuff.. Sometimes we we even catched them squirrels and birds and bugs and the worms and stuff. .My grammy doesn’t like it when we catch her birds…She say that is gross like and that She would rather we get our protein from a can. whatever that means. I'm a dog!!!

I tink I could get used to being a country dog...I get to roll around in the grass, eat my Grammy’s booberries (shhhh don’t tell!) and Grammy doesn’t even follow behind me with the poopie bags..I can go anytime anywhere outside I want…ahhh the freedom and mockercies of the country.

I likes the night time the bestests..that’s when my Grammy puts us all in the BIIG bed with she and Pop Pop. Oscar and I have to play a little before we settle down. and we fights for the bestests spot under/next to my grammer and popps.
Until Saidsters bites me and tells me where I can sleep – cause she gets her pick cause she's the boss....I made the mistake of trying to sleep in her spot once…I won’t do that again…

All in alls, Levon likes the country.... but he's ready to go back to the city life with my Mommy. I knows she misses me cause she calls me on the phone ever night to give me kisses over the phone.

Plusth, I need to be there to protect her from terrorers and chew up her shoes and stuff. Grammy doesn’t let me chew HER shoes and don’t even THINK about chewing her blankie….whoa….

love and kibbles.

Levon (and Grammy Tammy)

Playing with my baby and cuzin/brudder, ozzy.