Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm so purty...

My topographer, Aunt B and my mama went 4 a walky walk yesterday and she tookded my piksures.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mergency Room!

I had some citements dat I need to tell u bout.
See, what had happened was.. my mama was at the worky works (do no like) and she comeded home to see me and we went outside!! Levy likes the outside cuz there are peoples and goggies to barky at all the time.

dis time we went outside. someting happened. sometin bad happened. I don't know what the someting was that happened to me, but it did. and it was bad.

After I went to tinkletown, mommy and I went insides cause it was rainin and mama don't like them rains none. Dats when I realized that everything was not ok. Sinces I'm a puppy and my tongue is too long to talky and i could not say "actar actar, everyting is not ok- you call 911", I had to use my other mefods of communorcating.

I barkied.
And den I drugged my butty acrossed the floors.
And den I laid on my mama all pitiful like.

Dats when mama realized that somethin was bad wrong. My belly was full up with red itchy scratchy ness.
And my ears was red and my nose was all bumpy and ugly.

Den my mama freakded out and she put me in te car and took me to the mergency room for goggies.

When I got der, a cweepy dude with some stinky gloves got alls up in my bidness and stuck things in places I cannot menshun herez.

He told mama dat I has awwergies, but I dunno what dem is cause I'm a dog.

he giveded me two needle sticks and said "all bettah".

Then my mama giveded him all the money she has in the wurld. Then my mama cried.

Den we went home and  Igot all sleepy and warm and fuzzy and mama said it was cuz of the banana drills but I don't know what thems is cause I'm a dog.

Now I am all more better, so don't worry.

Dis is me hi on the banana drills.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is der nebody out der?

My moms sented me dis article from the SEENNs abotu other puppies and kittehs blorging and facedbooking on the interwebs. I tink they is copydoggering me.

In other news, i'm really cute.

in other other news, today, it is STORMING in the big city. Mama lefted me in my crates (do not like) becuz I assidently eated some laundries the other day... anywayz, she lefted me in my crates and it is storming so many outside and I CAN'T HIDE. So, i'ma burrow down underneafs my covers and bankies and I'ma take my bones and my snuggie wit me to keep me companies until moms gets home and makes the scary thunderz go to away.

Did you know that dashhounds are really good at burrowin? it's in our DNA and our nosez.

Ok. Time for my afternoon sleeps. Gotsta get rested for when mama gets home so i can run in circles and jumpy on her and bark at that pesky terrorer.

peace out, homies.