Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet my new cuzin/brudder/uncle, Oscar Roden

My Grammy Tammy (The Tamster) and my Pop Pop adopted a super cool black and tan long haireded dachshund. He's a month older than me, but I'm still the boss. He don't know it yet.

My cuzin/sister/aunt, Sophie died last month and my cuzin/sister/aunt, Sadie was really sad without a buddy to play wit at my grammy's house... and since I can't be there all the times to make her more happier, my grammy tammy adopted he from huntsville (don't know what huntsville is, but that's where he come from).

My mama has met he, but ain't yet. Hopefully soon I will get to meet him.. I will tell him all my favorited places to leave my bones and poop.

OK, gtg.. Jersey is eyeing my food bowl. I have to go cut her.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm sorry I've not updated lately. My mama is really sad cause her buddy Matt died.

My aunt b posted some pictures of me to cheer up my mama... maybe if you're sad like my mama, it'll cheer you up. that's what puppies are for after all...

Attack of the Speckled Pup

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tings that go bumped in the nite...

I'm a guard dog. It's true. I protect my mama and b and jay and jersey from the tings that go bumped in the night. just so you know, here's a list of the tings:

1. The dryer machine- I do not know what the dryer machine is for. I think it makes clothes for my humans to wears, but I have not sure. anyways, sometimes it comes alive and it shakesy the whole darn house and it wakes me up from my puppy naps. do not like. so I bark at it. a lot. I tell it to hush but it doesn't listen. then I get mad and sometimes tee tee pot on the floor cause i'm scareded (don't tell nobody). The only good thing about the dryer is that the clothes that it makes has warms when they come out and sometimes I sneak into the pile of warm laundries and I cuddle in them. like.

Me in the warm laundries.. yes those are hannah montana pajamas. my mama is weird.
2.  Bow Dryer- in the morning, when mama puts on her big girl clothes and her clanky shoesis... she waves the bow dryer at her head and it makes her hairs all shiny and puffy. Sumtimes, I barksy at her and she points the bow dryer at me and it scares me but I sorta like it cause it has warms too. I bark at it too just in case, but I don't think it is mean. maybe one day it'll make my hairs long, pretty and shiny.

3. the naybors- mr. man next door goes to his big boy job in the night time and he likes to stand outside and puff on the smokey sticks and talk on his tellyphone late at nights. Sometimes I heared it and I bark at he because I can. don't know why. Mama do not like it when i bark at he cause it wakes her ups in the middle of the night and if there's one thing mama hates (besides poop on the floor)- it's being woked up in the middle of the night. I know. cause she tells me. 

There is many other tings that go bumped in the night, but I need to go outside now and steal my toys back from Jerzles. Tata!

Come back tomorrow when I'll tell my exciting shower adventures!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lost and such

mama says that the heaterz in our house is broked. that's not good cause that means mama thinks it is a good idea to put sweaters on Levon. do not like.

However, it does mean that I get lots of snugglies time because dachshunds are little heaters. it's in our jeans.

While we were a snuggling, Aunt B tooks lots of pictures of me (silly girl with her black clicky box).. I guess she can't get enough of me. She calls me camo dog and cribbage dog. I don't know what that means, I think it means I'm pretty. I have not sure.

check em out at her blog:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Levonday!

Every morning, my mama gets up before the sun comes out and she puts on her big girl clothes and her clanky shoesys and she puts me in my crate and she leaves me. do not like.

but not today. today is Levonday! that means that my mama *tries* to sleep late and cuddle wit me. I was so excited that I woked her up at 6 this morning to tell her. I sneaked up from the foot of the bed and crawled up on her pillow right next to her. and I licked her face real good and I barked real good so that she would know that it is Levonday! She told me to shut up. That was not ver nice.

I got to go out in the soft everywheres again. there is many more of it today and I likey that.
Now we are just chillin' in the couchy room and we are watching the teevee. Mama likes to watch the barefooted contesser or sometin like that. I don't really care as long as she gives me some of her human foods. She gived me a turkey leg onces and then she started crying cause the interwebs told her that it would kill me but it didn't cause I am a hardcore puppy. 

If you'll scuse me, I has to get back to my snugging.

Love and puppy treats.

Me in my snuggle coat. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow: A Speckled Pup's Perspective

yesterday, a curious thing occured when aunt b took me outside to go tee tee pot. there was these stuffs falling from the sky and they was sticking to the grasses and the porch and everything!

it was freeeeezing cold and it reminded me of the ice cubes that my mommy gives me from the big black doors sometimes. I like the ice cubes from the big black doors. they slide around the floor and I chase them and I catch them and I bite them and they are cold and wet and delicious and i love them.

It was just like that. except soft and everywheres.

Aunt B said I was soo adorables. So she got her big black clicky box and pointed it at me. She said my mommy will love the "pictures" but I don't know what that means. Cause I'm a dog.

I wanted to stay outside and play in the soft everywheres but B said I had to go insides with her cause she was cold. wimp.

Then she took me insides and let me snuggles on the couch with her and my cousin Jersey. I like Jersey a lot. I like to lick her and jump on her. But she doesn't like that very many and she barks at me sometimes, but only a little bit. But it was so cold cause of the soft everywheres, so she let me get on the couch with her and aunt b. And it was warm and snugglies and I liked it very many.

Then B showed me the "picture" that she tooked of me with her big black clicky box and I think I look very handsomed. What do  u think?

Am I pretty?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aunt B

One of the greatest things about living with B, is that she is a budding photographer.
So we are frequently treated to mini photo shoots with a most adorable subject, Levon. Or Levonicus, or Levon Levonlevoff. B has a knack for nicknames.

Here is Levon's first photo shoot. It features Jersey, B's 5 year old beagle.

Are you my mommy?

Levon told me that B is the only photographer that he'll work with. He's a bit of a diva and she really knows how to bring out his star qualities. Thus, most of the pictures posted here (at least the good ones) will come from her.

Special Thanks to B for capturing the precious.

And he shall be Levon

Our first photo

Our love affair began last July when my mom called and said, "I found Levon. I hope it's ok, I got you a dog."

Truthfully, our love affair began months earlier in a passionate moment at an Elton John/Billy Joel concert while singing at the top of my lungs and punching my fist in the air with my best friend, B, I decided that if I ever got a dachshund of my own, I would name him Levon.

He shall be Levon and he shall be a good man/dog.

It was love at first sight(via gmail).

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the world of Levon. Shout out to my mom, the Tamster, who gave me this wonderful gift. This blog is for you!