Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stranger danger!

here is sumthin that I do.not.like.


Levon, the speckled pup, does not likey new peoples. I like my peoples and my peoples include:

my mama (durh)

my grammer tammer
my big daddy mike

sumtimes my unkle zackaroonie

das about it. I also sumtimes like my aunt mary and my uncle timmy but only after I barky at them for a little bit. Oh and Maria. OHHH. and my aunt Besty.

Ladies luv Levon

but that's it. nobody else. ever. no how.

I will git dem baddies. you watch.

sumtimes, when I go to the dogger parks I get in trubble bc I barky at them peoples and them other pupper dogs.  I has to portect my mama from da stranger dangers. Liek yesserday, dis lady done come up to the dogger park and she diin't has no doggers wit her and my mama's stranger danger senses got all up on it. Stranger Danger Lady had pupper treats dat she was just GIVING AWAY. Levon likes pupper treats even if he don't like stranger danger. So had me some. Den I stolded sum from sumbody else (you snooze, you loose). Den stranger danger lady yelled. AT ME. I can't help it dem other puppers are slow on their puppy treat game. Get off me. 
So, mama made us leave b4 I got too mean with stranger danger lady and dem other bad puppers.

sumtimes i do like other pupper dogs like my best gal, Jersey 

she be my firstest friend

and my cuzin brudder Ozzy and my cuzin sister, Sadie.

I like him even dough he makes me share cuddles.

And dis is my newest friend Jackson
he's a big dog but I not scared

But them dogger park dogs scare me sumtimes. so I has to tell em who is boss. Dem baddies ain't gonna get me! 

Besides, who wud want 2 hurt dis. I'm aresome.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whatchoo know bout dat?

Look at me! I'm blarging two adays!

So, my mama sed it is daywight savin times and I dun know what dat is bc I'm a dog... but I will tell you what. I'm feelin a wacky and crazy pants right now. My eats and sleeps are all throwd off and I dun know what to do. Do not like.

In honor of my wacky sleeps, I tought I'd share with you Levon's Top Ways to Snuggle and Sleep. Levon is usually a very skillz sleepr. Watch and learn, you can teach your goggie bout my awesome.

1. On ur feets
Oh hai, I has drunk eyes

2. with a hooman
sumtimes I fall asleep durin glee. don't tell no body
3. Wit one eye watchin you
i got my eye set on you
4. sumtimes I falls asleep readin
good book.
5. Sittin up
6. On mama's freshly washed pillow

7. Wit my cuzin brudder, Ozzy
sweet babies
8. Wit the bed allllll to myself
9. in da sunshines
10. wit my toys saffy tucked away
safe and sounz

Ok kiddos... enuff about me. TTYL LYLAS BFF ROFL LOL LMAO Smooches!

Love and Kibbles,
Levon Elizabeth

Monday, March 14, 2011

u gonna kiss me or not?

Hay der friends... Levon Elizabeth Here... Happy Monday 2 u and urs.

Things ahve been happenin here in the Burmerham... My mama and I movded AGINS! she pinker promises me that we won't b moving no moar and I hope dat she is tellin me truths. Cause I am disorererented. I ain't gots know clude where da hecks i am. haf of the times.

Anyways. I likey my new house. Mama pickded out a place dat has konkreet flors and they make a tap tap noises when I runded on dem. Levon likey. Mama likes it too bc I don't like to tee tee on da konkreet floors. i be good baby and tee tee outside on da tree in the parking lot.

While I haveded you here, I thought I might tells you about how much my mama loves me.

Reasons why my mama loves me and i am da best pupper dog in da world:

1. I am a guard dog. I barky and I barky good at dem peoples dat is outside my mamas house.

2. I play gud wit others.

3. I am ver spressive.

4. I wuv my grammer tammer. (and I am really cute)

5. I am a gud cuddler. I keep my mama warm and snuggied.
u can pls to cuddle wit me?
Where's Weevy?
dis is my spot.
 So, Tell me. Wut is ur favorite ting about Weevy? Do u like my winning good looks? My charmin personalities? my purty eyes? My fresh brefs? My strong barks?

Holla back now.. tell me how much u love me!

love n kibbles,
Levon Elizabeth

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nu yrs Resolutions- Levon Style

Happer Nu Yers, ma peeps!

I knowed we ain't talked since Adventmas but i been so bissy with all my toys that the Sweet Baby Jebus and his daddy Santy Kloz done broughted me, I dint hab time to write to yous. 
So, Mama saids that is reaul portant dat I tell yous about all da ways that Levon is going to be harder, better, faster, stronger dis year. 

So, here is muh list of New Yers Resolutions: Doggy Style

1. Let Mama sleep past 7am. At least till 730.
2. Not eat mama's shoez unless she giveded em to me.
3. No moar humping my cuzin brudder Ozzy. mama say that ain't cool.
4. Give moar pupper kisses.
5. Work on muh fitness. nobody likes a chubby weiner. 
6. I pwomise to not go tee tee pot on my mama's new poartment. 
7. Learn to not be a bed hawg. 
8. No moar whinying for hooman food. 
9. Blog moar.
10.  Make mor friends.

Dis is my choo toy. I will eated dis and not shoez.

I like television. Specially the kind with jumpy beach people.

oh hai. I'm sweet.

saveded you a spot.

What? Dey voted who!? off of de Bachelor?

Dis is me with a dogger park friend. Intimate moment innerupted by papo ratzi

who is awsum? I'm awsum.

Happer Nu Year Peeples. Make good choices and eat mor Kibblez!

Monday, December 6, 2010

like I'm de only gurl in da worlds

Hello Peeps!
Levon Elizabeth here, It's Abvent seasons here at Grammer's house. I dunt know what dat means cept my grammer tammer has put up stinkin trees all up in my bizness and she done put out orneryments everwheres!

My mama tolded me that if I'm a good puppykin, I get prezents from the sweet baby Jesus and his daddy Santy Kloz. 

Last years, when I was a wee little puppy kin. My mama tought it wuld b funny to give Weevy a Snuggy for to wear. Jus cause I like snugging don't mean I want to wear no stinking snuggy. do. not. like. 

Diz is me and my mama (she look ruff- coot boys, plz do not look at dis pikture. I send you glammer shots later, will you be my daddy?)

oh da hoomilation
muhahaha. I eated it.

 So, Dear Sweet Baby Jesus and his Daddy, Santy Kloz,  Here is wahat I want for Crimmus:
1. For my mama to come home to me
2. Bones. Lots of em. Perforably real ones.
3.  Kibbles
4. A daddy
6. a pet rabbit.
7. KONGs
8. My verr own pair of shoes (to eated)
9. Kittehs- to chase
10.  A trip to Disney Wulrd!

Dis is my burfday gift. Dis is a mucher better gifts for Levykins.

MK. I got stuffs to chew on. Peace out howler.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I whip muh hair...

As u know, I been staying with my Grammy Tammy and my Daddy Mike for a little whiles. It's been real hards for me to be way from my mamacita, so I has a few demands for how to make my stay more comfortables for Weevy. 

Weevy's List O Nercesities (Or How Levon Became a Diva)
1. Must be touching a hooman at all times. Dis includes while you is cooking me dinners. I will be at your feets.
2. Must never be left alone in the crates. do. not. like.
3. Must have de best cuddle position- which can either be behind my grammy's knees or on my daddy mikes shoulder. 
4. Must be fed before de other dogs and twice as often.
5. On rainy days, I perfer to go to the potty in the hooman toilet. Or I at least must have an umbrolly and wellies.
6. Must haved all the toys at one time. It don't matter if I can fiscally play wit all of them at the same time. Day is mine. 
7. Must never ever ever be foreced to wear a sweater. do. not. like.
8. Must have a couchie pillow dedicated solely to my use. No body eles. Just me. Get off it.
9. U must never obsticate my view out of the front window with blinds. I will cut them.
10. Erbody has to please give me puppy kisses and all the tensions. 

I'm da baby.

I tookded over baby Waldo's spot at Aunt Miteezy's house

Me n my speshul pillow. Before I eated it. 

resistance is futile. I'm the precious. 

Alsos, my mama tolded me to tell you that I'm gonna be an interwebs cerlebity. So, you shuld start to following me now. I don't know what that means cause I'm a dog.. but if It means i get more snuggles and kibbles, I say, "DO IT!" 

Love and Kibbles,

Levon Elizabeth Miller Dukakis Roden

P. S. Tune in next time for an explernation of my name.

Monday, November 8, 2010

been a long time, shuldn'ta left u

oh hai. my mama sayed that you all been questing a blog post for me. So, hear I am!
wut up. wit it?

 Wut has been going on wit Weevy you asks? 
Well, I been on a super duper xtra long vacashun with my grammy tammy and my daddy mike and my cuzin brudders ozzy and doogie and my cuzin sistah Sadie Tot. 

We have many funs together and my grammy says that we make her crazy. I tink that is a good thing. probally. 

Do I make you crazy, baby?
Also, my great grammy maw barber jean is staying with us too. She no like having all them gaggle of puppies around her, but sumtimes, I be real good and I cuddle with her just a little and she say, "good boy Weevy Elizabeth" and I like that. 

Hear some pictures that my grammer tammer sended to my mama so that she don't 4get what Levon looks like. Dat would be ver bad. 

Me and my cuzin bruder, Doogie Houser, Pup.D. We readed the sundy papers 2gether bc we is smart pupperkins.

I wuv Doogie's puppy toys. So I stealded it. tee hee. tee hee.

Weevy luvs pupcorn. the most danger place in the whole worlds is tween me and some noms. 
OK, Dats all right for now. Soon, me and my mommy gone be reunited(and it feels so gud) in the Bermerhams. I don't know what that is, but I do like ham. So, is probally good for me. 

Love and Kibbles,

Levon Elizabeth Miller Dukakis Roden