Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nu yrs Resolutions- Levon Style

Happer Nu Yers, ma peeps!

I knowed we ain't talked since Adventmas but i been so bissy with all my toys that the Sweet Baby Jebus and his daddy Santy Kloz done broughted me, I dint hab time to write to yous. 
So, Mama saids that is reaul portant dat I tell yous about all da ways that Levon is going to be harder, better, faster, stronger dis year. 

So, here is muh list of New Yers Resolutions: Doggy Style

1. Let Mama sleep past 7am. At least till 730.
2. Not eat mama's shoez unless she giveded em to me.
3. No moar humping my cuzin brudder Ozzy. mama say that ain't cool.
4. Give moar pupper kisses.
5. Work on muh fitness. nobody likes a chubby weiner. 
6. I pwomise to not go tee tee pot on my mama's new poartment. 
7. Learn to not be a bed hawg. 
8. No moar whinying for hooman food. 
9. Blog moar.
10.  Make mor friends.

Dis is my choo toy. I will eated dis and not shoez.

I like television. Specially the kind with jumpy beach people.

oh hai. I'm sweet.

saveded you a spot.

What? Dey voted who!? off of de Bachelor?

Dis is me with a dogger park friend. Intimate moment innerupted by papo ratzi

who is awsum? I'm awsum.

Happer Nu Year Peeples. Make good choices and eat mor Kibblez!


  1. Cocoa and Patches say you can come over and play anytime you want!

  2. I like chubby weiners.