Monday, December 6, 2010

like I'm de only gurl in da worlds

Hello Peeps!
Levon Elizabeth here, It's Abvent seasons here at Grammer's house. I dunt know what dat means cept my grammer tammer has put up stinkin trees all up in my bizness and she done put out orneryments everwheres!

My mama tolded me that if I'm a good puppykin, I get prezents from the sweet baby Jesus and his daddy Santy Kloz. 

Last years, when I was a wee little puppy kin. My mama tought it wuld b funny to give Weevy a Snuggy for to wear. Jus cause I like snugging don't mean I want to wear no stinking snuggy. do. not. like. 

Diz is me and my mama (she look ruff- coot boys, plz do not look at dis pikture. I send you glammer shots later, will you be my daddy?)

oh da hoomilation
muhahaha. I eated it.

 So, Dear Sweet Baby Jesus and his Daddy, Santy Kloz,  Here is wahat I want for Crimmus:
1. For my mama to come home to me
2. Bones. Lots of em. Perforably real ones.
3.  Kibbles
4. A daddy
6. a pet rabbit.
7. KONGs
8. My verr own pair of shoes (to eated)
9. Kittehs- to chase
10.  A trip to Disney Wulrd!

Dis is my burfday gift. Dis is a mucher better gifts for Levykins.

MK. I got stuffs to chew on. Peace out howler.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I whip muh hair...

As u know, I been staying with my Grammy Tammy and my Daddy Mike for a little whiles. It's been real hards for me to be way from my mamacita, so I has a few demands for how to make my stay more comfortables for Weevy. 

Weevy's List O Nercesities (Or How Levon Became a Diva)
1. Must be touching a hooman at all times. Dis includes while you is cooking me dinners. I will be at your feets.
2. Must never be left alone in the crates. do. not. like.
3. Must have de best cuddle position- which can either be behind my grammy's knees or on my daddy mikes shoulder. 
4. Must be fed before de other dogs and twice as often.
5. On rainy days, I perfer to go to the potty in the hooman toilet. Or I at least must have an umbrolly and wellies.
6. Must haved all the toys at one time. It don't matter if I can fiscally play wit all of them at the same time. Day is mine. 
7. Must never ever ever be foreced to wear a sweater. do. not. like.
8. Must have a couchie pillow dedicated solely to my use. No body eles. Just me. Get off it.
9. U must never obsticate my view out of the front window with blinds. I will cut them.
10. Erbody has to please give me puppy kisses and all the tensions. 

I'm da baby.

I tookded over baby Waldo's spot at Aunt Miteezy's house

Me n my speshul pillow. Before I eated it. 

resistance is futile. I'm the precious. 

Alsos, my mama tolded me to tell you that I'm gonna be an interwebs cerlebity. So, you shuld start to following me now. I don't know what that means cause I'm a dog.. but if It means i get more snuggles and kibbles, I say, "DO IT!" 

Love and Kibbles,

Levon Elizabeth Miller Dukakis Roden

P. S. Tune in next time for an explernation of my name.

Monday, November 8, 2010

been a long time, shuldn'ta left u

oh hai. my mama sayed that you all been questing a blog post for me. So, hear I am!
wut up. wit it?

 Wut has been going on wit Weevy you asks? 
Well, I been on a super duper xtra long vacashun with my grammy tammy and my daddy mike and my cuzin brudders ozzy and doogie and my cuzin sistah Sadie Tot. 

We have many funs together and my grammy says that we make her crazy. I tink that is a good thing. probally. 

Do I make you crazy, baby?
Also, my great grammy maw barber jean is staying with us too. She no like having all them gaggle of puppies around her, but sumtimes, I be real good and I cuddle with her just a little and she say, "good boy Weevy Elizabeth" and I like that. 

Hear some pictures that my grammer tammer sended to my mama so that she don't 4get what Levon looks like. Dat would be ver bad. 

Me and my cuzin bruder, Doogie Houser, Pup.D. We readed the sundy papers 2gether bc we is smart pupperkins.

I wuv Doogie's puppy toys. So I stealded it. tee hee. tee hee.

Weevy luvs pupcorn. the most danger place in the whole worlds is tween me and some noms. 
OK, Dats all right for now. Soon, me and my mommy gone be reunited(and it feels so gud) in the Bermerhams. I don't know what that is, but I do like ham. So, is probally good for me. 

Love and Kibbles,

Levon Elizabeth Miller Dukakis Roden

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Papo ratzi!

My mama is weird. Really really weird. She takesy piksures of me all.da.times! I mean... I can't help dat i'm adorables and all... but geez... sumtimes a baby just needs some peace.

Anywayz... here's some of mama's works. She's calling it her BwackBerry Pupper Dog Series.

Mama sayz dat i'm very spressive.

My grammy says I'm purty. Das true.
Ok. Tootles. Moar Latersz.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm so purty...

My topographer, Aunt B and my mama went 4 a walky walk yesterday and she tookded my piksures.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mergency Room!

I had some citements dat I need to tell u bout.
See, what had happened was.. my mama was at the worky works (do no like) and she comeded home to see me and we went outside!! Levy likes the outside cuz there are peoples and goggies to barky at all the time.

dis time we went outside. someting happened. sometin bad happened. I don't know what the someting was that happened to me, but it did. and it was bad.

After I went to tinkletown, mommy and I went insides cause it was rainin and mama don't like them rains none. Dats when I realized that everything was not ok. Sinces I'm a puppy and my tongue is too long to talky and i could not say "actar actar, everyting is not ok- you call 911", I had to use my other mefods of communorcating.

I barkied.
And den I drugged my butty acrossed the floors.
And den I laid on my mama all pitiful like.

Dats when mama realized that somethin was bad wrong. My belly was full up with red itchy scratchy ness.
And my ears was red and my nose was all bumpy and ugly.

Den my mama freakded out and she put me in te car and took me to the mergency room for goggies.

When I got der, a cweepy dude with some stinky gloves got alls up in my bidness and stuck things in places I cannot menshun herez.

He told mama dat I has awwergies, but I dunno what dem is cause I'm a dog.

he giveded me two needle sticks and said "all bettah".

Then my mama giveded him all the money she has in the wurld. Then my mama cried.

Den we went home and  Igot all sleepy and warm and fuzzy and mama said it was cuz of the banana drills but I don't know what thems is cause I'm a dog.

Now I am all more better, so don't worry.

Dis is me hi on the banana drills.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is der nebody out der?

My moms sented me dis article from the SEENNs abotu other puppies and kittehs blorging and facedbooking on the interwebs. I tink they is copydoggering me.

In other news, i'm really cute.

in other other news, today, it is STORMING in the big city. Mama lefted me in my crates (do not like) becuz I assidently eated some laundries the other day... anywayz, she lefted me in my crates and it is storming so many outside and I CAN'T HIDE. So, i'ma burrow down underneafs my covers and bankies and I'ma take my bones and my snuggie wit me to keep me companies until moms gets home and makes the scary thunderz go to away.

Did you know that dashhounds are really good at burrowin? it's in our DNA and our nosez.

Ok. Time for my afternoon sleeps. Gotsta get rested for when mama gets home so i can run in circles and jumpy on her and bark at that pesky terrorer.

peace out, homies.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Dog!

Hey der! I knowed, I knowed. It been too many eats and sleeps sins I update you on de life and timez of Levon Elizabeth Roden.

Hmm. So... What's goin on wit me you ask? Well, nuttin much. Me and my momma been chillin a lot lately. She makesd me go in the cratez again cuz she got the carpetz clean and she don't trust me no how. But now she put the crate by the winder so I can watch the peoples that walk by.

OH. Big NEWS... there is  a new puppykin in my poartments. Ok, not MY poartment.. but the Poartment next store where the creepy dudey used to live. Now der is a PUGGLE. Levon likes puggles... I wanted to play wit he but his mama is not as nice as mine and she don't let puggle talk to levon.

I will find a way to win her heart so dat we can plays. till den, we will be star crossed puppykins.

Ok. I gotta go tinkle. Next time, we talk about the portance of litermacy. K!?

Monday, June 28, 2010

The art of racing in the rain..

This is from one of my favorite books, The Art of Racing in the Rain. It is from the perspective of the family dog...

For Snoop, the happiest dog in the world.

"In Mongolia, when a dog dies, he is buried high in the hills so people cannot walk on his grave. The dog’s master whispers in the dog’s ear his wishes that the dog will return as a man in his next life. Then his tail is cut off and put beneath his head, and a piece of meat of fat is cut off and placed in his mouth to sustain his soul for its journey; before he is reincarnated, the dog’s soul is freed to travel the land, to run across the high desert plains for as long as it would like.

I learned that from a program on the National Geographic Channel, so I believe it is true. Not all dogs return as men, they say; only those who are ready.

I am ready....

When I return to the world, I will be a man. I will walk among you. I will lick my lips with my small, dexterous tounge. I will shake hands with other men, grasping firmly with my opposable thumbs. And I will teach all people that I know. And when I see a man or a woman or a child in rouble, I will extend my hand, both metaphorically and physically. I will offer my hand. To him. To her. To you. To the world. I will be a good citizen, a good partner in the endeaver of life that we all share."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

dis is why we cain't have nice tings.

Now dat we live in the poartments, mama lets me have the the run of de whole! house! Here are tings that I like about bein the man of the house.
1. Snugging:
When my mama leaves, I get up in my mamas bed and I snuuuugg down into the covers. I specially like this on cold and rainy days. Normallies, I get up out the bed b4 mama gets home.. but last week she caughted me snugging up in her beds. She laughed at me and tooked my piksures.

2. Barking:
My mama is so nice to me. She put my big boy chair riiight in front of de windows so I can see the peoples on the street and yell at them and say, "hey, i'm levon, I lived heres." Sometimes, she forgets to pull up the blinders so I can see the peeps. So, I had to kill the blinders. Now we ain't got none. I says that it is more better. Mama sais this is why we can't have nice tings.

3. Destroying
Sometimes, if I get bored... I gets a little mad. I'm a fierce little dashhound and sometiems I need to reminds you of dat. Here's a list of tings I has destroyeded.

  1. the blinders
  2. 4 comforters
  3. countless pillows (pillows are eveel and must be destroyed!)
  4. cute flips from target
  5. the kitchen trash
  6. placemats on the taberl.
  7. a bouquet of flowerz (they tasted funnies)
  8. 4 of my necklaces (leashes)
  9. mama's leggy raczer
  10. the toilet paper rollly

I knowed that I look all cute and innocents..but I'm baaad. Bad to the bone. Here's the proofs.

My biggest complishments yet. Total destroycution.
Oh Hi, I'm in ur target bags.
Tireded from my escalades. got to sleepy in mamas bed.
I killeded that pillow ded.
pending on context this is my "Pity the Fool" face or my "How u doin" face.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Knee High to a Grasthoppa

i been on the vacashuns for two weeks, so I been too buzy to update my blog cause I'm a dog! and I'm having so many funs. BUT, i knowed that my followeres get upset when they don't hear from levon. So, I wanted to show you sumtin special.

Me! As a pupster.

I'll post more deets bout my life this weekend.

I get to see my mama soon!

Love and Kibbles.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

on the vacashuns

**Note from Lauren- Levon is on vacation, so Grammy Tammy has been helping Le keep his journal**

So, my Mommie had to work really hard for the monies last week…so she sent me on to go visit my Grammar Tammer & Pop Pop in the country. Levon likes to visit with my Grammy and PopPop cuz then I get to see my Cuzin/Brudders, Oscar and Sadie.
My cuzin/brudders, Oscky  and I have lots of fun…we fight over all the toys until Sadie comes along and takes them away from us..cause she’s the boss. Levon is scareded of hers. do not like.

Ozzy and I like to play outside all day chasin the squirrels and birds and bugs and the worms and stuff.. Sometimes we we even catched them squirrels and birds and bugs and the worms and stuff. .My grammy doesn’t like it when we catch her birds…She say that is gross like and that She would rather we get our protein from a can. whatever that means. I'm a dog!!!

I tink I could get used to being a country dog...I get to roll around in the grass, eat my Grammy’s booberries (shhhh don’t tell!) and Grammy doesn’t even follow behind me with the poopie bags..I can go anytime anywhere outside I want…ahhh the freedom and mockercies of the country.

I likes the night time the bestests..that’s when my Grammy puts us all in the BIIG bed with she and Pop Pop. Oscar and I have to play a little before we settle down. and we fights for the bestests spot under/next to my grammer and popps.
Until Saidsters bites me and tells me where I can sleep – cause she gets her pick cause she's the boss....I made the mistake of trying to sleep in her spot once…I won’t do that again…

All in alls, Levon likes the country.... but he's ready to go back to the city life with my Mommy. I knows she misses me cause she calls me on the phone ever night to give me kisses over the phone.

Plusth, I need to be there to protect her from terrorers and chew up her shoes and stuff. Grammy doesn’t let me chew HER shoes and don’t even THINK about chewing her blankie….whoa….

love and kibbles.

Levon (and Grammy Tammy)

Playing with my baby and cuzin/brudder, ozzy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boundarees, I don't has them...

Here's something that I love. My mama. She's the bestest. She feeds me and she pets me and she takes me outside and she takes me to the dog park and she loves me the bestest. She's my person and I love her.

Dats why I always, ALWAYS, has to be rightnexttoher. She is gone most of the day, so I sleep on her tshirt so I don't misses her too many. But when she is home, we is like peas and carrots, potatoes and broccoli, poop and puppy bags, peanut butter and pickles, you know.

Mostly, mama loves getting all my loves and tensions.. but sometimes she yells at me cause I trip her accidentistly. I don't mean ot..I'm jsut tiny and sometimes I get in the ways. sorree.

Here's some pictures of me being cute.

Mommy got new britches from the target. I wanted to show her that I support this purchase.

I like to sleep on mama's pillow wit her. she likes it. sometimes. cepts when I have bad breath.

Oh hi, being cute.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blinds, I'm blind!

So, when my mama goes to the worky works, she likes to put me in my crates. She say it's bcuz I likes to chew on things and jump on the dining room table, but that ain't true. She's confusing me with me alter ego, Lebron James. Levon is an angle, Levon no do bad. Lebron is bad, Lebron eats mama's shoes.

Dis week, I decided that I will NOT go in the crate. No matter whats. No way, No How. I fugired out that mama can't reach me under the beds, so I go to there as soon as I got outside to tee tee pot.

At firsts, mama tricked me into coming me out with toys and tweats and opening the front door like wewas leaveing or sumthin. But, I no fool. I knowed what she was up to and now I don't come out for nuthing.

Finall mama gived up cause she was lates for work. So, she left me out of the CRATES!! Win for LEVON!

I decided to celebrate my new freedoms and mockercy by jumping up on the diner table. Problem is, I forgetted that I can't get down by myself, I need my mamas for that.

So, I sat and I sat and I sat on the table and I smelled the pretty flowerz that my mama had but I DID NOT SPILL THEM cause I knew Mama would not like.

TheN! Mama cameded home to see me. I was so ver happy to see her. She laugheded at me cause I was stuck on the table. She said it was a good thing I couldn't get down cause it kept me out of troubles. Dat's true. I had my eye on her new throw pillows... they would have been mine. Dumb short legss.

Now mama has figured out my games and she shurts the door so i can't go hide under the bed no more. So, I'm back in camptivity. Levon not like.
But it makes mama happy and when mama happy, levon gets snuggles and treats.

OoOh, Also! I'm goign to Grammy Tammy's and Papa Mike Mike's this weekend. I'ma play with my cuzin brudder, Osky and my sister ant, Sader Tots. ooooh, maybe snooperly will come to play too... hoooh, so happy.


no like crate.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today, I got in trouble. Big trouble.

See, what had happened was. My mama camed home to see me at her lunchies. We went outsides for a few minutes so I could take care of some biznesses.. then we camed back inside and she said that she had to cleans some house stuff.

Levon does not like it when mama cleans. She runs that vacuumy thingy and sprays smell goody stuff and mosts of all, she does not pay attention to me. Do not like.

So, I decided to eat her purse a little bit, just so she knows how I feel.

Then, I founded a bottle of medicines that belong to my mama. I decided to eated them, so she'd know to play with Levon and not clean.

Mama did not like. Mama started crying and call the Betternarian. The Betternarian tolded mama to makey me pukester.

Mama was upset cause she had to go back to werk to get the monies. She calleded up my uncle brad and he said he would come takes care of me. How nice.

So, mama went to the werks and Mr. Uncle Brad showed up with a brown bottle of delicious drinks that he called hydra poxide. He let me have it and told me not to tell no body.

Me not like hydra poxide. Hydra poxide makes levon pukester. Levon not like pukester.

After dat, Mr. Uncle Brad tookeded me too his house to play with Jersey. I think he wanted to distract me from realizing that he just tried to kill me.

So, as soon as he let me outside to doodle, I tried to scape. I shimmied up under the fences and nearly made it out. But my dumb colloar wit my name on it that my grammy tammy (that I love) got stuckeded on the fence and I had to wait der until Mr. Uncle Brad found me and brought me back into camptivity.

My mama is here now to get LOST... hopey she takesed me home soon. levon is tireded.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dogger Park

Now dat we lives in the poartment, mama takes me to the dogger park so I can get sohshulized.
I has to say, de park is growin on me. The firsted time I went, I was many scared because there was so many doggers and hoomans and sooo many smells. I was whelmed.

One times when I was there, this laber doodie keept runnin at me and I had to bite he. moms said that he was jus playin wit me but I saw his fluffy hairs runnin at me and I not like. So, I bited he.

Then, I got runned over by a brittany spaniel.  i don't wanna talk about it.

yessterday, we went to the BIG dogger park with mama's coworker and her big big big dog, Neely.

Dis is me riding Neely. She's as big as a horse. And very down to earth.

Today, a St. Berdard tried to tell me what's up, but I told her to back up off me. Then mom said we had to leave the park before i hurt a big dog.

I'm bad to the bone. What?!

ok, the oscars (not my brudder, uncle, cousin Oscar) is on. mommy is wearing a big bwack dress.. I don't know why. maybe she wants to look pretty for oscar.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving, terriers, poopy bags, and other tings...

So, my silly mommy decided that she wanted to live closer to the place that she calls 'the works'. I don't know what the works is cept she leaves me and puts her clicky clacky shoeses on to go to there (do not like) and she says that the works give her monies to buy me kibbles with (like!).

So, we moveded in a couple of eats and sleeps ago... the new place is what my mommy calls a "poartment". I don't know what that means either. cause I'm a dog.

It is smaller than my big house that aunt jersey lives in.. and it has lots of smells that i don't know. And the floor has carpets... Levon likes them cause they are soft and warms on my paws.

Since we are in a new place, I have to protects my mommy from all the strangers that live in the other poartments. Mostly I just bark at them and I say:

"hey, I"m levon and I live here with my mommy and if you messes with her, ur gonna be in big troubles, mister."

Mommy tells me not to be rude to the new naybors, but i gots to protect hers from dem strangers. I've got my eye on a spicious terroroer that lives down the way from us. he mighted be trouble. I will get him.

Sense I'm a city pupster now, mommy makes me wear my necklace whenever we got to the outed doors. I think she does it to keep me from attacking that spicious terroroer. But I will get him one day. You see.

She tookded me to the puppy park the other day but I didn't have the right necklaces on, so moms said we couldn't go to there. Next time she said. I'ma go back to there and I'ma make some puppy friends. Moms said its good for puppykins to get soshulized. I don't know what that means, but if moms says it is good, I beliver. cause shes my moms and she loves me good.

Ok, time to go outside on my walk.

OH... one more thing. Now that I'm a city puppykin, mom has to pick up my puppy poops in a bag. she no like. I tink it is funny.
haha, poopy puppy bags.

ta ta!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet my new cuzin/brudder/uncle, Oscar Roden

My Grammy Tammy (The Tamster) and my Pop Pop adopted a super cool black and tan long haireded dachshund. He's a month older than me, but I'm still the boss. He don't know it yet.

My cuzin/sister/aunt, Sophie died last month and my cuzin/sister/aunt, Sadie was really sad without a buddy to play wit at my grammy's house... and since I can't be there all the times to make her more happier, my grammy tammy adopted he from huntsville (don't know what huntsville is, but that's where he come from).

My mama has met he, but ain't yet. Hopefully soon I will get to meet him.. I will tell him all my favorited places to leave my bones and poop.

OK, gtg.. Jersey is eyeing my food bowl. I have to go cut her.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm sorry I've not updated lately. My mama is really sad cause her buddy Matt died.

My aunt b posted some pictures of me to cheer up my mama... maybe if you're sad like my mama, it'll cheer you up. that's what puppies are for after all...

Attack of the Speckled Pup

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tings that go bumped in the nite...

I'm a guard dog. It's true. I protect my mama and b and jay and jersey from the tings that go bumped in the night. just so you know, here's a list of the tings:

1. The dryer machine- I do not know what the dryer machine is for. I think it makes clothes for my humans to wears, but I have not sure. anyways, sometimes it comes alive and it shakesy the whole darn house and it wakes me up from my puppy naps. do not like. so I bark at it. a lot. I tell it to hush but it doesn't listen. then I get mad and sometimes tee tee pot on the floor cause i'm scareded (don't tell nobody). The only good thing about the dryer is that the clothes that it makes has warms when they come out and sometimes I sneak into the pile of warm laundries and I cuddle in them. like.

Me in the warm laundries.. yes those are hannah montana pajamas. my mama is weird.
2.  Bow Dryer- in the morning, when mama puts on her big girl clothes and her clanky shoesis... she waves the bow dryer at her head and it makes her hairs all shiny and puffy. Sumtimes, I barksy at her and she points the bow dryer at me and it scares me but I sorta like it cause it has warms too. I bark at it too just in case, but I don't think it is mean. maybe one day it'll make my hairs long, pretty and shiny.

3. the naybors- mr. man next door goes to his big boy job in the night time and he likes to stand outside and puff on the smokey sticks and talk on his tellyphone late at nights. Sometimes I heared it and I bark at he because I can. don't know why. Mama do not like it when i bark at he cause it wakes her ups in the middle of the night and if there's one thing mama hates (besides poop on the floor)- it's being woked up in the middle of the night. I know. cause she tells me. 

There is many other tings that go bumped in the night, but I need to go outside now and steal my toys back from Jerzles. Tata!

Come back tomorrow when I'll tell my exciting shower adventures!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lost and such

mama says that the heaterz in our house is broked. that's not good cause that means mama thinks it is a good idea to put sweaters on Levon. do not like.

However, it does mean that I get lots of snugglies time because dachshunds are little heaters. it's in our jeans.

While we were a snuggling, Aunt B tooks lots of pictures of me (silly girl with her black clicky box).. I guess she can't get enough of me. She calls me camo dog and cribbage dog. I don't know what that means, I think it means I'm pretty. I have not sure.

check em out at her blog:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Levonday!

Every morning, my mama gets up before the sun comes out and she puts on her big girl clothes and her clanky shoesys and she puts me in my crate and she leaves me. do not like.

but not today. today is Levonday! that means that my mama *tries* to sleep late and cuddle wit me. I was so excited that I woked her up at 6 this morning to tell her. I sneaked up from the foot of the bed and crawled up on her pillow right next to her. and I licked her face real good and I barked real good so that she would know that it is Levonday! She told me to shut up. That was not ver nice.

I got to go out in the soft everywheres again. there is many more of it today and I likey that.
Now we are just chillin' in the couchy room and we are watching the teevee. Mama likes to watch the barefooted contesser or sometin like that. I don't really care as long as she gives me some of her human foods. She gived me a turkey leg onces and then she started crying cause the interwebs told her that it would kill me but it didn't cause I am a hardcore puppy. 

If you'll scuse me, I has to get back to my snugging.

Love and puppy treats.

Me in my snuggle coat. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow: A Speckled Pup's Perspective

yesterday, a curious thing occured when aunt b took me outside to go tee tee pot. there was these stuffs falling from the sky and they was sticking to the grasses and the porch and everything!

it was freeeeezing cold and it reminded me of the ice cubes that my mommy gives me from the big black doors sometimes. I like the ice cubes from the big black doors. they slide around the floor and I chase them and I catch them and I bite them and they are cold and wet and delicious and i love them.

It was just like that. except soft and everywheres.

Aunt B said I was soo adorables. So she got her big black clicky box and pointed it at me. She said my mommy will love the "pictures" but I don't know what that means. Cause I'm a dog.

I wanted to stay outside and play in the soft everywheres but B said I had to go insides with her cause she was cold. wimp.

Then she took me insides and let me snuggles on the couch with her and my cousin Jersey. I like Jersey a lot. I like to lick her and jump on her. But she doesn't like that very many and she barks at me sometimes, but only a little bit. But it was so cold cause of the soft everywheres, so she let me get on the couch with her and aunt b. And it was warm and snugglies and I liked it very many.

Then B showed me the "picture" that she tooked of me with her big black clicky box and I think I look very handsomed. What do  u think?

Am I pretty?