Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boundarees, I don't has them...

Here's something that I love. My mama. She's the bestest. She feeds me and she pets me and she takes me outside and she takes me to the dog park and she loves me the bestest. She's my person and I love her.

Dats why I always, ALWAYS, has to be rightnexttoher. She is gone most of the day, so I sleep on her tshirt so I don't misses her too many. But when she is home, we is like peas and carrots, potatoes and broccoli, poop and puppy bags, peanut butter and pickles, you know.

Mostly, mama loves getting all my loves and tensions.. but sometimes she yells at me cause I trip her accidentistly. I don't mean ot..I'm jsut tiny and sometimes I get in the ways. sorree.

Here's some pictures of me being cute.

Mommy got new britches from the target. I wanted to show her that I support this purchase.

I like to sleep on mama's pillow wit her. she likes it. sometimes. cepts when I have bad breath.

Oh hi, being cute.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blinds, I'm blind!

So, when my mama goes to the worky works, she likes to put me in my crates. She say it's bcuz I likes to chew on things and jump on the dining room table, but that ain't true. She's confusing me with me alter ego, Lebron James. Levon is an angle, Levon no do bad. Lebron is bad, Lebron eats mama's shoes.

Dis week, I decided that I will NOT go in the crate. No matter whats. No way, No How. I fugired out that mama can't reach me under the beds, so I go to there as soon as I got outside to tee tee pot.

At firsts, mama tricked me into coming me out with toys and tweats and opening the front door like wewas leaveing or sumthin. But, I no fool. I knowed what she was up to and now I don't come out for nuthing.

Finall mama gived up cause she was lates for work. So, she left me out of the CRATES!! Win for LEVON!

I decided to celebrate my new freedoms and mockercy by jumping up on the diner table. Problem is, I forgetted that I can't get down by myself, I need my mamas for that.

So, I sat and I sat and I sat on the table and I smelled the pretty flowerz that my mama had but I DID NOT SPILL THEM cause I knew Mama would not like.

TheN! Mama cameded home to see me. I was so ver happy to see her. She laugheded at me cause I was stuck on the table. She said it was a good thing I couldn't get down cause it kept me out of troubles. Dat's true. I had my eye on her new throw pillows... they would have been mine. Dumb short legss.

Now mama has figured out my games and she shurts the door so i can't go hide under the bed no more. So, I'm back in camptivity. Levon not like.
But it makes mama happy and when mama happy, levon gets snuggles and treats.

OoOh, Also! I'm goign to Grammy Tammy's and Papa Mike Mike's this weekend. I'ma play with my cuzin brudder, Osky and my sister ant, Sader Tots. ooooh, maybe snooperly will come to play too... hoooh, so happy.


no like crate.