Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stranger danger!

here is sumthin that I do.not.like.


Levon, the speckled pup, does not likey new peoples. I like my peoples and my peoples include:

my mama (durh)

my grammer tammer
my big daddy mike

sumtimes my unkle zackaroonie

das about it. I also sumtimes like my aunt mary and my uncle timmy but only after I barky at them for a little bit. Oh and Maria. OHHH. and my aunt Besty.

Ladies luv Levon

but that's it. nobody else. ever. no how.

I will git dem baddies. you watch.

sumtimes, when I go to the dogger parks I get in trubble bc I barky at them peoples and them other pupper dogs.  I has to portect my mama from da stranger dangers. Liek yesserday, dis lady done come up to the dogger park and she diin't has no doggers wit her and my mama's stranger danger senses got all up on it. Stranger Danger Lady had pupper treats dat she was just GIVING AWAY. Levon likes pupper treats even if he don't like stranger danger. So had me some. Den I stolded sum from sumbody else (you snooze, you loose). Den stranger danger lady yelled. AT ME. I can't help it dem other puppers are slow on their puppy treat game. Get off me. 
So, mama made us leave b4 I got too mean with stranger danger lady and dem other bad puppers.

sumtimes i do like other pupper dogs like my best gal, Jersey 

she be my firstest friend

and my cuzin brudder Ozzy and my cuzin sister, Sadie.

I like him even dough he makes me share cuddles.

And dis is my newest friend Jackson
he's a big dog but I not scared

But them dogger park dogs scare me sumtimes. so I has to tell em who is boss. Dem baddies ain't gonna get me! 

Besides, who wud want 2 hurt dis. I'm aresome.