Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today, I got in trouble. Big trouble.

See, what had happened was. My mama camed home to see me at her lunchies. We went outsides for a few minutes so I could take care of some biznesses.. then we camed back inside and she said that she had to cleans some house stuff.

Levon does not like it when mama cleans. She runs that vacuumy thingy and sprays smell goody stuff and mosts of all, she does not pay attention to me. Do not like.

So, I decided to eat her purse a little bit, just so she knows how I feel.

Then, I founded a bottle of medicines that belong to my mama. I decided to eated them, so she'd know to play with Levon and not clean.

Mama did not like. Mama started crying and call the Betternarian. The Betternarian tolded mama to makey me pukester.

Mama was upset cause she had to go back to werk to get the monies. She calleded up my uncle brad and he said he would come takes care of me. How nice.

So, mama went to the werks and Mr. Uncle Brad showed up with a brown bottle of delicious drinks that he called hydra poxide. He let me have it and told me not to tell no body.

Me not like hydra poxide. Hydra poxide makes levon pukester. Levon not like pukester. Failblog.com

After dat, Mr. Uncle Brad tookeded me too his house to play with Jersey. I think he wanted to distract me from realizing that he just tried to kill me.

So, as soon as he let me outside to doodle, I tried to scape. I shimmied up under the fences and nearly made it out. But my dumb colloar wit my name on it that my grammy tammy (that I love) got stuckeded on the fence and I had to wait der until Mr. Uncle Brad found me and brought me back into camptivity.

My mama is here now to get LOST... hopey she takesed me home soon. levon is tireded.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dogger Park

Now dat we lives in the poartment, mama takes me to the dogger park so I can get sohshulized.
I has to say, de park is growin on me. The firsted time I went, I was many scared because there was so many doggers and hoomans and sooo many smells. I was whelmed.

One times when I was there, this laber doodie keept runnin at me and I had to bite he. moms said that he was jus playin wit me but I saw his fluffy hairs runnin at me and I not like. So, I bited he.

Then, I got runned over by a brittany spaniel.  i don't wanna talk about it.

yessterday, we went to the BIG dogger park with mama's coworker and her big big big dog, Neely.

Dis is me riding Neely. She's as big as a horse. And very down to earth.

Today, a St. Berdard tried to tell me what's up, but I told her to back up off me. Then mom said we had to leave the park before i hurt a big dog.

I'm bad to the bone. What?!

ok, the oscars (not my brudder, uncle, cousin Oscar) is on. mommy is wearing a big bwack dress.. I don't know why. maybe she wants to look pretty for oscar.