Monday, November 8, 2010

been a long time, shuldn'ta left u

oh hai. my mama sayed that you all been questing a blog post for me. So, hear I am!
wut up. wit it?

 Wut has been going on wit Weevy you asks? 
Well, I been on a super duper xtra long vacashun with my grammy tammy and my daddy mike and my cuzin brudders ozzy and doogie and my cuzin sistah Sadie Tot. 

We have many funs together and my grammy says that we make her crazy. I tink that is a good thing. probally. 

Do I make you crazy, baby?
Also, my great grammy maw barber jean is staying with us too. She no like having all them gaggle of puppies around her, but sumtimes, I be real good and I cuddle with her just a little and she say, "good boy Weevy Elizabeth" and I like that. 

Hear some pictures that my grammer tammer sended to my mama so that she don't 4get what Levon looks like. Dat would be ver bad. 

Me and my cuzin bruder, Doogie Houser, Pup.D. We readed the sundy papers 2gether bc we is smart pupperkins.

I wuv Doogie's puppy toys. So I stealded it. tee hee. tee hee.

Weevy luvs pupcorn. the most danger place in the whole worlds is tween me and some noms. 
OK, Dats all right for now. Soon, me and my mommy gone be reunited(and it feels so gud) in the Bermerhams. I don't know what that is, but I do like ham. So, is probally good for me. 

Love and Kibbles,

Levon Elizabeth Miller Dukakis Roden

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