Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I whip muh hair...

As u know, I been staying with my Grammy Tammy and my Daddy Mike for a little whiles. It's been real hards for me to be way from my mamacita, so I has a few demands for how to make my stay more comfortables for Weevy. 

Weevy's List O Nercesities (Or How Levon Became a Diva)
1. Must be touching a hooman at all times. Dis includes while you is cooking me dinners. I will be at your feets.
2. Must never be left alone in the crates. do. not. like.
3. Must have de best cuddle position- which can either be behind my grammy's knees or on my daddy mikes shoulder. 
4. Must be fed before de other dogs and twice as often.
5. On rainy days, I perfer to go to the potty in the hooman toilet. Or I at least must have an umbrolly and wellies.
6. Must haved all the toys at one time. It don't matter if I can fiscally play wit all of them at the same time. Day is mine. 
7. Must never ever ever be foreced to wear a sweater. do. not. like.
8. Must have a couchie pillow dedicated solely to my use. No body eles. Just me. Get off it.
9. U must never obsticate my view out of the front window with blinds. I will cut them.
10. Erbody has to please give me puppy kisses and all the tensions. 

I'm da baby.

I tookded over baby Waldo's spot at Aunt Miteezy's house

Me n my speshul pillow. Before I eated it. 

resistance is futile. I'm the precious. 

Alsos, my mama tolded me to tell you that I'm gonna be an interwebs cerlebity. So, you shuld start to following me now. I don't know what that means cause I'm a dog.. but if It means i get more snuggles and kibbles, I say, "DO IT!" 

Love and Kibbles,

Levon Elizabeth Miller Dukakis Roden

P. S. Tune in next time for an explernation of my name.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Levon,
    When you come to the 'hams, please come over to our house and play! We like to run and have lots of good toys to play with (although right now our favorite is the wood pile!) Mommy says she even has special noms for when company comes over, so come play so we can all have some!
    Cocoa and Patches