Monday, March 14, 2011

u gonna kiss me or not?

Hay der friends... Levon Elizabeth Here... Happy Monday 2 u and urs.

Things ahve been happenin here in the Burmerham... My mama and I movded AGINS! she pinker promises me that we won't b moving no moar and I hope dat she is tellin me truths. Cause I am disorererented. I ain't gots know clude where da hecks i am. haf of the times.

Anyways. I likey my new house. Mama pickded out a place dat has konkreet flors and they make a tap tap noises when I runded on dem. Levon likey. Mama likes it too bc I don't like to tee tee on da konkreet floors. i be good baby and tee tee outside on da tree in the parking lot.

While I haveded you here, I thought I might tells you about how much my mama loves me.

Reasons why my mama loves me and i am da best pupper dog in da world:

1. I am a guard dog. I barky and I barky good at dem peoples dat is outside my mamas house.

2. I play gud wit others.

3. I am ver spressive.

4. I wuv my grammer tammer. (and I am really cute)

5. I am a gud cuddler. I keep my mama warm and snuggied.
u can pls to cuddle wit me?
Where's Weevy?
dis is my spot.
 So, Tell me. Wut is ur favorite ting about Weevy? Do u like my winning good looks? My charmin personalities? my purty eyes? My fresh brefs? My strong barks?

Holla back now.. tell me how much u love me!

love n kibbles,
Levon Elizabeth

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