Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whatchoo know bout dat?

Look at me! I'm blarging two adays!

So, my mama sed it is daywight savin times and I dun know what dat is bc I'm a dog... but I will tell you what. I'm feelin a wacky and crazy pants right now. My eats and sleeps are all throwd off and I dun know what to do. Do not like.

In honor of my wacky sleeps, I tought I'd share with you Levon's Top Ways to Snuggle and Sleep. Levon is usually a very skillz sleepr. Watch and learn, you can teach your goggie bout my awesome.

1. On ur feets
Oh hai, I has drunk eyes

2. with a hooman
sumtimes I fall asleep durin glee. don't tell no body
3. Wit one eye watchin you
i got my eye set on you
4. sumtimes I falls asleep readin
good book.
5. Sittin up
6. On mama's freshly washed pillow

7. Wit my cuzin brudder, Ozzy
sweet babies
8. Wit the bed allllll to myself
9. in da sunshines
10. wit my toys saffy tucked away
safe and sounz

Ok kiddos... enuff about me. TTYL LYLAS BFF ROFL LOL LMAO Smooches!

Love and Kibbles,
Levon Elizabeth

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